Implementing sustainability strategies into brand development, events, and organizations are critical today in this age of global climate change. Not only are they necessary towards shaping a better future for the planet, they also streamline costs, inspire creative new ways of doing things, instill authentic connection for today’s savvy marketplace, and provide quantifiable measurements towards achieving specific goals, sponsorship opportunities, and increased profitability.

What we offer:

  • Sustainability Solutions for Brands, Events, Festivals, Tours: Includes custom audits of carbon footprints, strategies for implementing change and profitability, vendor sourcing, closed-loop systems, waste management best practices, and sponsor , fan, band, athlete, and industry integration.
  • Custom Research Measurements: Proprietary Questions to measure organization-specific insights for proving value of sustainability plans.
  • Youth Culture Sustainability Studies: 2012-2017: Our 5th Annual Sustainability and the State of Youth Culture Study tracks 40,000 13-25 year–old’s providing consumer insights on youth trends towards sustainability, eco-friendly fashion, sustainability preferences, habits, sports, feelings about the environment, eco and sustainable shopping patterns, greatest influences, “greenest” brands, and more.
  • Presentations: We have presented at global summits, including Sustainable Brands, SXSW Eco, Sustainatopia, the BSA Sustainability Summit, Outdoor Retailer, MAGIC, and SIA trade shows.

Goals and Desired Outcomes:

Establish Sustainability Strategies that incorporate into specific brand development, events and festivals towards achieving first, a zero-waste outcome, and secondly, an upcycled net value beyond the experience for the future.

Now is the time for implementing a blueprint within music, sports, and other events that have the greatest impact on consumers as well sponsors, fans, bands, and athletes for achieving a set of goals regarding sustainability.

Step 1: Measurement and Evaluation to Identify the Top 5 Guidelines consistent with the Global Reporting Index* (GRI) to establish a foundation from which to move forward towards achieving a  “Zero Waste Event

These include gaining metrics regarding:

1.Waste Management

2.Energy Consumption

3.Transportation: Athlete, Bands, Sponsors, Fans

4.Climate Change

5.Community Involvement and Event or Tour Legacy

Step 2: The Outcome: #TheSustainables Group works individually with each brand or event towards creating a crossover that connects them with global fans or markets where the opportunities through sustainability lie, including reduced costs, greater interest in potential sustainability partners/sponsors, increased awareness of sustainability methods, creating a blueprint for the industry, and generating profit through public good.